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The Chronicles of Ridicule!!

                                                                     THE CRITICAL TILT - DECODED!

At the onset, the intention was pure sarcasm. A vent to the frustration built due to continuous exposure to unimaginative professionals in the field (mainly civil engineers). And, at that, in a field which is perhaps based on imagination! But to convert imagination into reality is what makes the field practical - the visible proof of world's progress. And that is my concern here.

The Chronicle has many layers. One is the obvious 'ridicule' to everyone involved in the field....including architects. But all other characters used are put as metaphors or..paradoxes. Honestly, writing in metaphors is easier than deciphering it! But
this was my first attempt at a 'script'and hence i would like to clear it....for myself atleast!

If considered making and executing a Perfect Design a problem...then this chronicle was an attempt at the answer.

Hence the design metaphor chosen is the perfect design in the world - The Human Body.

As is my belief, the driving force of a particular project should not be a person (leader) or any material object (money, trophy, etc,etc..). It should be the 'purpose'. And that Purpose is what brings the solution to all problems (within the project). That Purpose is the ultimate judge in all decisions. And that Purpose is God! Because there is nothing that preceeds or over powers God!

Keeping this in mind...when the chronicle is will be evident that it is actually tracing out the path of an architect. From being a student - 'the human soul', trained by lecturers - 'satan', in college - 'Matrix', then eventually passing out as Architects - 'the cursed soul' and stepping into the practical field - 'Real World'. Until this point the only other 'known' professional in the field is the Civil Engineer. Hence the other two
important professionals are introduced as the Third and Fourth Generations i.e. the Mechanical and Electrical Engineers repectively. What follows is the struggle between engineers (as a whole) and architects to over power each other. In a such a case the 'tilt'
episode portrays the power of God (Purpose)over all the other players involved. And over each members' Pride. The unique Cursed Soul is ofcourse the leader of the work in consideration....perhaps the Principal Architect in a consultancy or any team leader.

The talk of all the engineering fields being unimaginative is actually the curse of all architects i have met and worked with here. But there are engineers who can make architects look unimaginative (that is mainly due to poor technical knowledge of architects) and
only those engineers are called Structural Engineers.

The process is still not complete, because its not executed yet. For which the Fifth and Sixth Generations i.e. The Draftsmen and The Labourers respectively ..have to play a vital role!

So the point of emphasis is teamwork. And the need for each member of the team (including the leader) to understand his/her job and to do it whole-heartedly. Only then can a perfect design be achieved. Only then can a purpose be justified. And only then have teams
managed to do what individuals could not.

After this the last para of the chronicle might make clearer sense. All the improbable things in the world are made impossible by "US". Indeed.

Ideally...according to the name "chronicles of ridicule" , the chronicle should either have made complete sense or no sense at all. I chose the former...and may have not justified it completely. But as i said, this was my first attempt at a script...and i hope to pursue and improve. 

Written in response to a query from my college faculty Ar. Kishore. I couldn't decode it completely. That's due.

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