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The Da Vinci Code

It is a secret that has cost many their lives. For two thousand years it has passed from generation to generation….and well…what do you know…it’ out now! With loss of a lot of credibility….
This review is being written with a touch of mockery in it…since the author just happens to be one of the privileged human beings who got to see it in 70mm…. Dolby Digital Sound…. Air-conditioned Theatre …. Cushioned seats …. and nobody else around for acres, except a few heads scrambled here and there.
The venue was of no great pretension … but the movie was. Quite bold and hence, untruthful. The most controversial topic of the decade ( or century perhaps!)…and Ron Howard had to screw it up!
The best part of the movie was its casting. The most appropriate people for the most appropriate roles. With the right accents, looks, …and of course, language when needed, the movie showed a lot of promises and ‘facts’ in the beginning. But somewhere in between, I guess the screenplay writers got too fascinated with the idea…and just scaled the whole “bloodline” theory like a drawing in AutoCAD!
For a non-reader, the movie will appeal only because of the controversy. The moment he comes out of the theatre I doubt he will be able to trace back what actually happened. Nothing wrong with editing though…maybe two hours just weren’t enough for the story.
‘Too much of verbose and less graphics’. That best explains the problem with it. Long conversations which are difficult to follow up even for the ‘literally enlightened” people. Guess who needs a lesson from Shahnawaz mam!
The focus is all on to the spotless Andre Tautou who is actually declared the surviving descendent of Jesus Christ……… Jesus Christ! And for some unknown reason the realization of truth by Tom Hanks, in the last, brilliantly cinematographed sequence, is kept to himself.
It is very evident that movie makers learnt nothing from the Vitru-vius man. Or else they wouldn’t have blown the controversy out of proportion!
Maybe this description is too critical, but such a subject required a lot of caution and authentication. It simply fails to convince.
However, as they say… “The picture shows what the eyes want to see” !!

Written for sappenings groups. The most controversial movie ever...i thought it deserved a review!