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The Chronciles of Ridicule...Too!!

                                                                       PART TWO : PRIDE ROCK

The first soul and sole creation by God were the Structural Engineers, alias the Blessed Souls. Blessed were they, indeed, for they were taught how to build directly by God. There was no intervention, since there was no Satan as yet!
God taught the Blessed souls what to build, where to build and furthermore blessed this Pre-Historic Generation (as they are now referred to) with the special powers of “Sense Common”.
The lessons taught and learnt were timeless, for God knew, He would never again get this chance of imparting ‘elementary’ education to his creations. However, the time came when God felt that He had taught the Blessed Souls all that he could and should. Hence, he decreed all those souls be put in Heaven and made to do in practice what they had been taught all those light years.

The Great Deluge

All was going well, and heaven was being made to live up to its expectations (well…all the scriptures were written prior to the making of Heaven. What else would have the Blessed Souls based their designs on??) when catastrophe struck the peace and calm of Heaven. A certain Blessed Soul (Satan, as later his name came to be), encountered a problem at the site of a design execution. The plot of a Palace, allegedly, required the pulling down of a tree. That meant trouble…but only if Satan had known better, what his actions of today will do to the future of the Universe…he would have left that tree standing – for that was The Forbidden Tree! But he didn’t know ….so he didn’t let it stand.
The Heavens trembled and Hell released a gush of wicked air as God fumed. Satan was arrested and put in the first level of Hell while a probe into the mishap was ordered. The DownFall of the Blessed Soul had begun.

The Trial - Age One

All the Blessed Souls connected with the controversy were summoned to the Divine Court of Justice and the trial began. The first day saw allegations being made and proved against the Blessed Souls who uprooted the Forbidden Tree, causing imbalance in the Heavenly Landscape. In their desperate defense, they passed on the blame to the one who ordered them to do such a sinful act – the Satan. Hence, at the end of the days’ proceedings the ‘uprooters’ were sentenced to temporary confinement in the first level of Hell until further notice, while Satan was promoted to the Second Level.

The Trial – Age Two

The second day saw allegations being made and proved against the Blessed Souls who drew up those plans forwarded to Satan for execution. The accusation was that the ‘drawfs’ were ignorant of the presence of the Forbidden Tree at the site, owing to improper site analysis. The defense, as can be pro-dicted was – Satan should have sent back the drawings for cross-reference with the Master Plan when the problem surfaced. Satan had not used the power of “Sense Common” bestowed on him and hence was liable to be held a criminal in the Divine Court of Justice.
Ofcourse, there was no defense from Satan himself…as he was rotting in Hell.. and any attempts by his representatives to defend were successfully silenced by the mass of Blessed Souls. The result – the drawfs were sentenced to temporary confinement in the second level of Hell until further notice, while Satan was, yet again, promoted to the third level.

All through these events Satan was fuming in Hell about not being given a fair trial. But as one would guess, Hell’s fumes were more intense than his, so Satan had resigned to his fate and awaited the final verdict. But this guess underestimated God…for God Sees all, Knows all and Hears all!

D’Day – The Awakening

The third day had a surprise turn of events for the soul on-lookers. Satan was beckoned to the witness box and offered a chance to narrate his side of the story. Now, this account of never-found-before pre-human history, needs to be read correctly and broadly and without any bias ..so as to get a clear understanding of Satan’s actions and the circumstances in which he did what he did.
Being given this unexpected, but certainly welcome, chance to defend himself….Satan got a taste of freedom once again and a hope to return to the good old Heaven. So, in his honest hope and blind fear (of Hell ofcourse) he plotted! And plotted against his own race! For they hurt his Pride! For they turned against one of their own. For they……questioned his professionalism! And how dare they!?!
Very artistically, he carved out the story of how the Designers of the Palace, were so ungrateful of the blessings bestowed on them by God, that they overlooked the presence of The Forbidden Tree on their site. That they were so proud of their own creation, they overlooked Gods’! Not only overlooked but ‘planned’ to create over it. Literally! God’s fury rose to a new level. And that was just the encouragement Satan needed. He went on ahead, skillfully carving out the story of how the drawfs blindly followed the designs of the Designers and ignored Gods’ Master Plan! And about how the uprooters were so eager to carry out the uprootment of such an auspicious Tree, just to prove that they had the power to change God’s designs. Just to Feel Like God!

At this point a furore arose in the Court and allegations ran wild and out-of-context. Satan had managed to ignite the fire within each Blessed Soul for he now had the knowledge of what fed fuel to that fire – Pride. Nobody questions a Blessed Soul…nobody directs them….nobody commands them….nobody accuses them!! But yet, Satan did…and being one of them too!! There couldn’t possibly be an end to that Furore (which eventually became the concept behind Satan’s famous design of “Hell on Earth”).

God’s own Creation

God sat there seeing his finest creation in their ugliest form. He knew it all and He knew it all too well. Time had now come for Him to do what he had been dreading since the creation. Once the Pride of the Blessed Soul had awakened, nothing could stop it until it had consumed all. And God was rather possessive about his own design – the Heaven.

So He threw all the Blessed Souls on Earth.

With the promise of Heaven if they carried out their practice of what they had been taught by God on earth and kept it from deteriorating (if not making it a heaven) by passing on their knowledge through generations to come,…and Hell if they failed.

The DownFall

Perplexed, confused, sad, angry….the emotion of the Blessed Souls, now to be impersonated as Structural Engineers, couldn’t form into a word….and in a flash of a second they found themselves scattered on Earth. In their disappointment, surprise and utter regret, they quarreled. The Designers, Drawfs and Uprooters quarreled about who was to blame for the descent of man on earth…until the actual subject of quarrel was forgotten and then they quarreled about who was right, who was superior, and who was to be followed by whom.
In due course of time, as the human history gathered weight, perspectives and dust, according to Divine predictions, the descendents of the Designers of The Great Deluge were given the title of ‘Architects’ (i.e. after the recall of Satan for their transformation…already recorded in the previous chronicle), the descendents of the Drawfs of The Great Deluge were given the title of ‘Draftsmen’, while the Uprooters of The Great Deluge were given the title of ‘Laborers’. Eventually as world developed and the “Sense Common” faded to a mere memory, than power, the Draftsmen and the Laborers separated themselves out as the Fifth and Sixth Generations respectively…claiming that God had created their race for their specific purpose on earth. And they resigned to that purpose - Draft and Build. In other words they surrendered what powers of “Sense Common” they were left with, to the superior and advanced human model of ‘Architects’.
Their line of blood continues to this day…and to this day all the Generations of the world, ever created, are engaged in an eternal battle for supremacy. And in this pursuit they all lost the powers bestowed on them by God until all they have left now is their ‘Pride’. And that’s one thing a true Blessed Soul never loses.

The Curse of The Forbidden Tree

Having taken care of the punishment of the Blessed Soul, the Satan was left alone in the Divine Court of Justice. The verdict was still pending. Keeping the innocence of Satan’s action with the Forbidden Tree and his devilry in banishing the Blessed Souls on a scale…God weighed. He found the scales much heavier on the latter side and hence the verdict was given……’Satan would be the inheritor of The Curse of The Forbidden Tree’. And as the prophecy said....the cursed one would never find a permanent dominion and would forever live as a parasite. Satan chose earth (to get back on his contemporaries) and committed himself to preparing more replicas of himself who eventually assumed the title of “Project Managers” alias devils’ impersonation on earth. 

Written for sappenings groups as a sequel to The Critical Tilt. There is a lot more to it than mere sarcasm.