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Chicken Little

Animated movies have a reputation of portraying the importance of relationships in a very creative and subtly humorous way. The likes of The Lion King, Ice Age, etc…..will always find a special place in memories of their audiences. This is what “Chicken Little” fails to create.

Pigs, fishes, ducks and chickens might not be too funny by natural order…but when they are cast in a Walt Disney movie…they are supposed to be!!
A little chicken … misunderstood by everybody, including his father, to be a fake …goes about proving himself to be of some worth. Help by a duckling friend and the run of events give him that chance, which he grabs. By this time you realize that the movie doesn’t have the usual “believing in oneself” philosophy. The underlying theme of the movie, which surfaces in the last half of the movie, is that of believing in others. Very rightly it shows how others’ believe in a person, can drive him to achieve the impossible. Lesson of trust is taught using the example of the father, who originally doubts his son. But later, it is his trust in his son, that makes him a hero.
Okay…maybe I am making too much out of a very small father son episode (LIK hangover I suppose), but honestly that is the only positive I got out of the movie. Though the characters do have a few ‘intelligently humorous’ moments, none of those really stay with you after the movie is over. You hardly notice there is a fish in the movie who is trying to act funny, and if you do not have an unconditional affection for pigs, u will find the one in this movie annoying and overweight.
Go for this movie if you are too scared to see aeroplanes being smashed by a giant ape (in case of doubt…that sentence was supposed to be a sarcasm for KingKong)
But seriously, it will make more sense than any other movie running at i-max now. 

Written for sappenings groups.

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