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How to review something which has neither a beginning nor an end?! ……

Its 15 minutes now since I wrote the first sentence and I still don’t know where to start…..
Alright … let’s try…

Uncountable characters … all living in their own little worlds … ‘crashing’ into one another in a series of unavoidable incidences! Yeah . .. that’s a fitting definition. It’s a modern western Malgudi Days… the movie could go on forever and still you wont find an end to it, nor for that matter, remember where it all started!

You don’t know what is happening for the first quarter of the movie. And just when you are getting the hang of what is happening, you are clueless as to why it’s happening for the next quarter. By this time you are convinced that this movie is another “no sense all the way and surprise at the end’ types. That’s exactly when it happens … and ”it” makes the hair of your arm stand up leaving you unsure of how to react of what just happened. Now you know there is a point to all of it, but there is a good 40 minutes to reach to it. The “coming together” of the movie is very well directed, edited and impeccably acted, specially in one instance where a strong-hearted individual could actually breakdown.

Amidst a few loopholes and unexplained happenings the script revolves around the racial discrimination between blacks and whites. But that is just a means of portrayal for the underlying theme. What does a person do in helpless situations? How does one react to totally unavoidable circumstances? Watch this movie for the answers to these questions … enacted. And when you identify yourself with those reactions you will regret the fact that there is no background music in real life!

Sitting through this movie is like living another day of a normal life, only the setting changed. As the lyrics “Maybe tomorrow I’ll find my way home” fade away in a rhythm… the movie ends …but your life doesn’t!!

It has more food for thought than mentioned here. Nobody knows half of the acting crew save Sandra Bullock and Brenden Fraser (ten minutes screen presence each), all of whom are flawless.
I wonder what were they doing all this time … and where the hell was Paul Haggis??? 

Written for sappenings groups.

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