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“This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill……….Fifteen percent concentrated power of will ---- Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain……….And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!” 

There is a difference between knowing the path …and walking it. Walk we did … but the destination still remains elusive. Mistakes overlooked….shortcomings unidentified….comparisons avoided….and silence! Conclusion drawn….we were unfairly done in! No doubt it sounds very consoling…but seriously…is there a more cowardly manner to accept defeat…or rather, to not accept it? Does it need a Japanese philosophy to get the message across? Well…if it does…then here it is…
‘Kai’ – continuous, ‘Zen’ – improvement …. a philosophy focused in a different direction from the "command-and-control" improvement programs of the mid-20th century. We don’t need to know this…do we? All we need to know is what command do we have over our subjects and what control do we exercise when it comes to competition.
Clean sweep in the Birla Floor Design competition….. a special mention at NASA in Mumbai….. still skeptical about participation in the Ideas Design competition and the INSDAG student award competition. ….
Alright…just to make things clear…. readers are supposed to draw comparisons from last year and reach conclusions collectively. Logical conclusions at that…the ones which will inspire our ‘kaizen’ curve to take a bend upwards. The onus is on promoting discussion followed, necessarily, by action. What makes CSIIT are not the individuals only…..but the individuals together as one whole mass. Through Kaizen….test your awareness of the standing of CSIIT in architectural circles…and then your own standing in CSIIT. Do that, and hopefully you will find out that immortality is not unattainable.
There is a difference between knowing your goal……and reaching it! Those who reach their goals are the ones remembered…..not the ones who knew them! Mike Shinoda speaks the obvious at the beginning….that is all what takes for our names to be remembered! Are we up for it? 

Written as an editorial for the Febuary 2006 issue of sappenings. The issue was banned and never circulated.