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Somewhere We Belong

Restless activity, timeless effort, unconditional support and a world beyond imagination. Such is the atmosphere we live in at the CSIIT School of Architecture and Planning, Opp. Anand Theatre, Secunderabad. But the happenings on 23rd, 24th and 25th of January, 2007 have changed that. Henceforth it will be Anand Theatre, Opp. CSIIT, Secunderabad!!
We took only 10 years to do this. And it seemed a very good reason for us to plan the Decennial Celebrations which took place at out modest campus on the above mentioned dates. Confusion, anxiety and enjoyment….it might not have been the best organized convention ever, but the spirit was evident in the spontaneous activities and responses. Initiated and backed 100% (minus finances) by the management and carried forward by the students. A small band of 300 odd students handled a sea of events such as workshops, seminars and cultural programs.
It all began with the dispatch of students for the collection of funds from different sponsors and the painting of the entire campus with different murals. The whole itinery for three days of ‘hungama’ was chalked out. Invitations and brochures were readied and sent out, along with the commencement of the magazine. After initial hesitations an editing team finally came togather and exhaustive work began in full flow. On a parallel work was going on for the cultural programs and the design for the temporary tensile structure. While the upper floors of our building vibrated with the energy of the dance practices, the canteen in the ground floor became a hub of major discussions and predictions. Under the scrutiny was the design of the tensile structure, the fourth option prepared by as many groups of designers. Will it hold? Will it sag? Will we be able to do it??! Amidst a lot of doubt, speculation and dissuasion we still went ahead with buying the materials, stitching of the cloth, fabrication of steel pillars and finally the erection of the temporary tensile roof with the use of ropes. The result was a lot of sore hands and a lot of happy, content faces, the most obvious of them being that of the Landscape HOD Prof. Shahnawaz who saw through the whole process with her presence and knowledge. Having done all the preparations the event was finally flagged off by the Most Rev. Dr. B. P. Sugandhar, Bishop of Medak on 23rd. 

The first day was full of activity as on the spot competitions were held along with seminars by eminent architects of the city. Students from all the architecture colleges of the city participated in these and also attended the amazing dance sequences performed by CSIIT students in the evening program. Our HOD Prof. Ali Farid was quick in sensing the opportunity and joined in the celebrations by calling the students involved with the preparation onto to the stage and showing appreciation.
Second day went by as the first one with more participation from other colleges. And more participation of our HOD on stage as well! The highlight of course was the breath-taking fashion show which was prepared in just three days!
The wrapping up of the convention was done on the third day with the valedictory function where the outstanding students of the college were awarded. The college magazine, which says the entire 10 year story of the institution (titled ‘Somewhere We Belong’) and the web based college forum (www.csiit.info) was also launched by the Director, Dr. PJ Dharmaraj. Following that was the friendly cricket match between CSIIT and SVCOA generating a lot of interest and cheer from the crowd, with the host eventually emerging victorious. The evening belonged to the students as they partied hard in the Rock Show succeeded by the DJ night.
The whole event was organized within a timeframe of not more than two weeks. And in those two weeks the campus was awake 24x7. An outsider would have hardly made out the faculty from amongst the students! At the end of it all, it was a worthy experience for those involved as the spirit was such that even the alumni got down to work with their juniors for the preparations and the whole college worked as one force. Not that its something unusual in CSIIT!!! 

Written for Education Plus, The Hindu right after the Decennial Celebrations of CSIIT. This kind of event I thought was necessary to be published in the newspaper.