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The Chronicles of Ridicule!!

                                                                                    PART ONE – THE CRITICAL TILT

When God was enlightening the minds of his most beloved and over-rated creations with the Power of Imagination……Civil Engineers were busy calculating the amount of load their brains will have to bear on the addition of such a burden! Their genius led them to the conclusion that the human skull is too weak in structure and too small to fit in the whole of the grey matter needed. The weakness was attributed mainly to the ‘curvy’ and slender nature of the skull.
When the time for their enlightenment finally came, they interrupted the Divine Process and presented the report of their findings to God. The report comprised of 99 parts calculations and 1 part drawings (sections and elevation as needed). And in their innocence they gave the drawings in isolation i.e. with no reference to the rest of the body. Well, they were engineers after all and couldn’t violate the ISO regarding the scale of drawings and paper sizes. Keeping in mind that they were not yet ‘enlightened’, they just couldn’t ‘imagine’ that rules were meant to be broken. And that they were meant to be followed in spirit…not in letter!
Anyways, God was very impressed with the calculative skills of his Second Generation creation who would build his future world (God was still under the misconception) and was just about to alter the proportions of the priceless masterminds according to their wish when……the ‘Cursed Souls’ (Satan break all hell loose on them!) intervened!!
They were those who were banished from the Technical Enlightenment because they rebelled when God wanted them abandon The Matrix for the Real World. These perfectionists, who had mastered the art of showing God what He wanted to see, very admirably sketched out how the body of the second generation will look with a cuboid head!.....much to the absolute and disturbing bewilderment of the Engineer on-lookers.

FLASHBACK: At the very beginning of time, the human souls were shown a proposal of how their human form would take shape. It was a curveless figure, rising tall and looking the same from all four sides. The interior arrangement was a rigid Grid Iron Pattern of crossing arteries and veins, with a central Processing Plant to carry out all the ‘wordly services’ for sustenance of the body. At the first instance the human souls were absolutely happy with the ‘planning’ and were just starting to go back into the slumber of their Matrix world….when God commanded the Satan to start their de-training of ‘living’. Well, the struggle of Satan in exposing them to the Real World is beyond the scope of this account of lost human history…so…at the turn of the New Age the human souls did manage to de-train for life in the Real World…..but without distinction.

God was very pleased. As a reward he exiled Satan and very fittingly named the new and improved human souls as “the Cursed Souls”. Now without the evil shadow of the Satan guiding and restricting them …. The Cursed Souls started getting ideas for their future physical forms.

It started with the de-centralization of ‘services’ in the planning of the initial and approved proposal. At this point of the chronicle, it is imperative to introduce the Third and Fourth Generations of the total Six Generations created by God. These were the Mechanical Engineers and the Electrical Engineers. The new ‘design’ put forward by the Cursed Souls meant that both these Generations had to abandon their busy schedule of making copies of the old drawings to meet the increasing production demands of God … and go back to the drawings boards.
Unwillingly they did. And with strenuous co-ordination with the Cursed Souls a layout was prepared. Electrical Engineers were the happier of the two ‘sister-generations’ because they got more ‘space’ to put their veins and arteries…but were frustrated because there were too many curves and as many changes. While the Mechanical Engineers managed to develop an everlasting grudge against the Cursed Souls…because they were given too little space …in which they had to squeeze all their intestines. Besides they were hell bent on providing more ‘outlets’ for ease of maintenance …but the Cursed Souls (thankfully) turned a deaf ear to them.

All the elaborate co-ordination meetings spread over light years of work eventually led to the completion of the design…and the day came when the masterpiece would be shown to God.

God was quite speechless! And was proceeding to put the ‘APPROVED’ stampwithout hesitation …when something happened which even God didn’t anticipate!! And this changed the course of human history forever!
A Cursed Soul, the favorite devil of the Satan, came forward and asked the Lord of all Electrical Engineers…”Why don’t we tilt the heart a little bit?”!!! The Lord had had enough of cursed interventions and could take no more of it. He was about to put forth his most vigorous and authoritative argument when God silenced him and said “I Like That…Let That Be Done!!”…and as it always is with the Divine Ways…when God says Be…It is!
Infact God was so impressed that He decreed that all Generations be incorporated with the power that this unique Cursed Soul possessed…or rather had developed. And He called it the “power of Imagination”.
At this the Electrical Engineers gave consent with grit teeth and swallowed anger and secretly vowed to bring down the Pride of Architects – the future impersonation of the Cursed Souls on earth.
Phew!! That brings us to the beginning of this Chronicle!

BACK TO PRESENT : At the vision of the horrible truth i.e. the out-of-proportion form of the Civil Engineer, God was taken aback and nauseated. It was in this moment of instability that the decree passed out…..Civil Engineers would NOT be enlightened with the power of Imagination!!
And in the subsequent events the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers chose to not use the power, which they reasoned out was essentially an ‘architectural trait’ possessed by Architects….who, as we all have reason to believe, they despised.

All these hassles delayed the advent of Architects on Earth, which was in part already built by the Structural Engineers – the Pre-Historic Generation created by God, who by many are said to be the more flexible ancestors of Civil Engineers. The bloodline of them is all but spent as very few of them have survived to see this Age.
Note : Should there be found more time on this earth, an account of the Fifth Generation – The Draftsmen and the Sixth Generation – The Laborers, will be put in letter. 


I guess one can never say that his/her training is complete. Because even a lifetime wont be enough to know all that there is to know on this earth! But this brief period of exposure (and of course…all that led to it) has reinforced my belief.
That there is nothing impossible in this world! That there is nothing a human being cant do! And the seemingly impossible things are not impossible ….they are just improbable…and that in turn is because ‘we’  make them so.
At this the training doesn’t end. It begins! 

Written while in Doha for Practical Training for sappenings groups. Behind the ridicule and sarcasm there is a reality in this article about the ways of the industry. There is an explanation i wrote, named The Critical Tilt Decoded. One of the personal best i have written.